Monday, October 25, 2010

Some good links

Been doing a lot of reading today, trying to find out what may be causing JJ to be acting so nasty the past couple of weeks.  Usually he has a couple of "good days" during a 7 day period,,but just haven't been seeing those lately.  I have found some interesting links that I thought I would share.. nothing to help my dilemma mind you,, but its good reading for those with special needs children.

New online screening test for autism in young children

Thimerosal (Mercury) In Vaccines Not Linked To Autism, New Research

Babies Born At 37 To 39 Weeks Have Higher Risk Of Autism And Special Educational Needs

Toddlers With Autism May Fix Their Eyes On Geometric Patterns Rather Than Children Playing

Food Dye Ban Implemented Or Considered By Some Health Authorities After Cancer And Hyperactivity Link Found

ADHD Is A Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorder, Scientists Reveal

ADHD Could Be Misdiagnosed In Nearly 1 Million US Kids Say Researchers

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