Monday, July 09, 2012

So this is July...

Summer has been warm, with quite a bit of rain mixed in,,and of course lets not forget our famous East Coast humidity. I'm not sure where June went , but it was over with before I knew it. JJ's done school and has taken his place in front of the lap top wanting to spend his waking hours there.  We did our yearly trip to Chrystal Palace and took along JJ's younger brother JC this time. They were fine together while they were going from one ride to another and playing the arcade games.  Unfortunately the car ride home was horrible. JJ kept getting louder and louder, all worked up. I repeatedly asked him to lower his voice and to calm down, but he wouldn't stop.  I ended up yelling at him, big time yell, and used the words "shut up" which I hate!!  He still wouldn't calm down, so I had to take his computer time away from him for two days after the loss of one day didn't make him stop either.  Of course then I got a full out crying fit from him and a "I hate you", the three most dreaded words any gr.mother wants to hear. The rest of the drive home, all 40 minutes of it was quiet, but it spoiled the ending to a pretty good day.

I had my dr's appointment with Rheumy this morning. No real concerns except for the weird muscle spasms. He said they "would happen" with Lupus and more frequently the older I got. My first thought was "oh great"!  I got my prescription refill and another appointment for January.  As soon as I got home I took a bad spasm in my left hand. My baby finger suddenly did this exorcist type thing where my knuckle disappeared and the tip when to the left while the rest of my finger went right. It honestly look like it was broken. My hubby saw it and his eyes got real big and he asked "what did you do to your finger?" to which I replied "absolutely nothing".. he had only heard about these spasms from me, and I was glad that he got to see what I was talking about.  Just to confirm that I wasn't totally a nut case.

After about ten minutes of rubbing my knuckle joint and my hand up towards my wrist, it went back to its normal shape.  If only it could of done this while I was in the dr's office. Next time I will grab my cell phone and take a video so I can show the dr. what it exactly looks like because I know my description just didn't do it justice.

I hope you all have a good month!