Monday, October 04, 2010


I love computers. My perfect job would be something to do with computers, maybe incoming help calls or an at home data entry job.  That’s why I like blogging so much.  But I have a confession.  When I was trying to set up my blog I found it difficult. I have a hard time reading how to do something and then doing it.  If someone could show me how to do it, just once..I can do it after that.  I have always been that way.  Tests in school were a nightmare for me.  I would get physically sick thinking about having to write a test.  Words seem to become a foreign language. Even now at my age I feel like I am reading gibberish if it isn’t accompanied by pictures with step by step instructions.
The same thing happened when I was reading about how to put in meta tags or how to ping a site for my blog.  I spent 4 hours this morning reading numerous “how to” websites trying to find out how to do both those things.  I think I figured it out, but I’m not 100 per cent sure of that.  I guess if I start showing up in search engines then I got it right..
In a way its good that I have this impairment so to speak, it makes it easier to understand JJ and how he may see things through his eyes. If we see things differently than others but still see the same thing in the end, then that is a good thing, regardless of the path taken to get there.

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