Saturday, October 02, 2010

Energy Crisis & Ninja's

I had a terrible night.  Cough, toss, turn..cough,toss, turn. Then I would have to get up and go pee because I was so afraid that the violent coughing would make me pee the bed. It seemed when I looked at the time on my watch it was only an hour later than the time before. Ugh! 

My chest is heavy and the darn humidity in the air is making it twice as bad. I pulled out my puffer this morning and am going to give it a go today and see if it helps any. 

My energy level is that of a slug.. and I have so much to do!  I sit here blogging when really I should be in the shower washing off some stink. I hope I can find some energy to go do that because I have to go out this afternoon to take JJ to go see his father and give him his BD present. I guess Mindy and I won't get out for a walk today either. First day all week it hasn't rained and I'm too sick to go.:(  Probably just as well, my knees are killing me today, I'm sure its just my body reacting to whatever virus is attacking me right now. But it sure slows me up. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have the bug going around that is causing so many people to get pneumonia, thats all I would need! 

JJ is amusing himself right now listening to music on the computer and playing a game.  He got up at 7am and I asked him to please go back to bed until it was light outside.  He didn't go back to sleep but watched tv very quietly. He actually let me sleep until 9am. I was so grateful. Getting to sleep in past 7 on a weekend is very,very,very, rare. Did I say how rare it was?

He asked to join karate this morning...out of the blue, no prior discussions. Kind of took me by surprise because we have tried to get him to join many things over the past 4yrs. He tried soccer for two days when he was 6 and he did Beavers(like boy scouts) for almost a full yr when he was 7.  There was only 5 kids in the troop so that helped with his social phobia,and Papa and I had to sit on the side lines the first  but he wouldn't go back last year at all. No way, not doing it!!  

So with all this info in the back of my mind, I ask why karate.. "well when you get your black belt don't you turn into a ninja" he asks. "No, thats just in movies" I replied.. "Oh", he said all disappointed. "I guess I don't want to join karate then" he stated as he walked away. Seems JJ wants to be a ninja all the time, not just for  He can be so funny sometimes it almost erases the fact that life is trying.

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