Thursday, October 07, 2010

What drives me nuts with a capital N

I’m an aggressive driver, I won’t even try to say I’m not.. but I abide by the laws written for the road, even the unwritten one that says you can go 10km over the speed limit on the highway and get away with it.. lol
What drives me nuts are those that totally ignore speed limits in the city, in school zones and ride up my azz like it will make me go faster.  I can tell you it won’t. In fact if am going the 10 over and someone comes up fast on my azz I will then go down to the exact speed limit. Why, you may ask would I do that.. well my theory is this. I’m speeding, so if you want to go faster than me, your an idiot.. and need to slow down and think…seriously
Now some people think that road signs are for other people not them.  Sitting on the Vanier/Prospect St. intersection last week I noticed a car hesitating there, he had the green light but his head was on a swivel, he was obviously looking for police.. because he was going to ignore the “no left turn” sign at this very busy and notorious intersection, and he was going to make a left turn.  He did it too.. today my brother D called to say he saw someone do it yesterday.  With accidents happening there on a regular basis (without people doing illegal left turns) its like suicide to even try doing that at this intersection.. It gives me a “shake the head moment” for sure.
Then there are those that decide to hold up traffic through two count them two light changes to sit on the road with signs right next to them saying “no stopping” , “no parking” just to get into a Tim Horton’s drive thru to get a coffee!  This pisses me off the most.  They should never have given Tim Horton’s permission to make drive thru’s in our city on three of the busiest streets because the drive thru lanes are not long enough to hold the amount of traffic these coffee shops generate. 
The ones on Prospect, Regent and Union Streets are so ridiculous now that you may as well stay off them between the hours of 7-9am.  Regent St well, you can get caught up there any time of the day because the drive thru will only hold 4 cars .. we are talking Tim Horton’s here people.  I’m hoping that the people on city council get caught up in this traffic as much as I do and kick their proverbial azzes every time they do. You know what makes it worse, is watching a police car drive by and do nothing about it.  Hello,,, what part of “no parking, no stopping“ is so hard to understand.. isn’t it self explanatory?
Is it just me, or do you find that people are just not abiding by the laws anymore? What is happening to society…

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