Sunday, January 21, 2007

Does the phrase "leave well enough alone" not mean anything? lol

January 24

Does the phrase "just leave well enough alone" not mean anything????LOL

I know, I know, I said I was going to leave my hair
Well that didn't last long now did it...
I noticed that the colour started to turn shades..I mean why not, its not like I have given it much of a break right? LOL
So me, being me,,, I went and bought some more bleach and a slightly lighter hair colour and went at the process again.
I knew this time that I wouldn't have the multi coloured phases (the light brown, orange and yellow) to go thur since it was already pretty light, so I thought it would be a breeze...

I applied the bleach, waited till I got the pale shade recommended, and then rinsed it off. But wait, as it dried it wasn't just pale, it was white. The good news is I know what I will look like with a head of white hair in another ten years... well if I still have any hair left that is....LOLPMP
So when poor N came home from work, he was shocked to death... I told him to look at it this way...with me changing hair colour all the time he could just pretend I was another woman...LOL I thought it was funny....

I had to wait till this morning to colour, since its so hard on your hair bleaching and colouring all in one day, so I went to bed with white hair and got up this morning, all optimistic that the hair colour would cover it fine...
Wrong!! LOL

Since they don't give you all the info on the hair dye box that one needs to make an intelligent and informed decision on colour choice....LOL I picked up the wrong shade... more on this to follow.

I applied the dye, waited the 30 minutes and rinsed... It was a cross between silver and white... can you picture it?? If I joined a Punk rock band I would look perfectly normal!!
All I could think was,,,I have to go to the Dr's office tomorrow and all the people that would be staring at me!! Oh Lord!!

Not to panic, I called the 1-800-idiot hot line and spoke to a Representative.. this is how the conversation went...
Hello, this is Marie, how can I help you?
Hi, Marie, I have a colour problem
Alright, can you tell me what colour you used?
Yes, it was colour LB03
And what colour was your hair before you started the bleaching processes?
It was a medium brown
And what colour was your hair after you bleached it?
Well sort of whitish
Oh, that is a problem.. can you describe the colour that it is after applying LB03?
Yes, its a combination of silver and white now.
Ok, the LB03 that you chose has a 30% peroxide solution in it which lightens hair as it colours, the bleach process is not necessary. (this info was NOT on the box) LOL That colour would of worked better on your natural brown hair colour.
I start laughing at this point.
Well at least you can laugh about this most women who call me are in tears.
Yes, well, its better to laugh at this point. Tell me, is there a solution to the colour problem?
Yes, you need to use hair colour "B" light blond
Light blond, I repeat? won't that still make it "too" light?
Well you can't use anything darker or your hair will turn green
Green?? I repeat, (again I start laughing)
Yes, green.. you can't go darker than light blond
Ok, I guess I better not put this light brown colour in it then....(laughing really hard by this point).
Oh goodness NO, don't put anything brown on top of that colour!
(I'm still laughing) well I will go buy some and see what happens I guess .
It will turn out fine if you stick with the colour "B" light blond. Would you like me to send you some coupons?
(My laughing has subsided at this point)That would be great, I'm sure I'll be using them...(laughing all over again)
All I need is your address.
I give her my address, thank her for her help and hang up, still unsure of what colour my hair will become in the end.
The worse part is I then had to get dressed and go out into public with this hair colour. I got to Shoppers and I was laughing the whole time, thinking, everyone here knows I heading for hair colour....LOL
The good news is that by the time I go to the Dr, it will be something other than what it is right now... hey it can't be worse?! LOL
I think it would be cheaper and easier to go to a hair dresser and get it done "professionally" from now on. I always wanted to be blond before I die, at this rate, I might die trying...LOLPMP

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yeah xmas break is over

January 09

Yeah, School is back in session

I never thought that I would say this but I am soooo glad that school is back
That was the longest 2 weeks ever,, well 2 weeks and 1 day,, for the crappy snow storm we had and they closed the schools... JJ demands so much attention that I am just worn out. Its constant, do I want to play this, or that... do I want to go make something with playdough...all starting at 6am!!
I thought I could get him to sleep until say... oh, I don't know a reasonable hour like 8 if I put him to bed later at nite... NO, that didn't work.. I tried unsuccessfully for 2 wks! I let him watch a movie from 7-9pm every nite infact...he still got up every single morning at 6am!! Have you ever played the board game "mouse trap" at 6am????  lol  It really isn't fun...

Let me tell you, that by 2pm everyday he was ready for a nap,,, no, not just because I but because he was soooo grumpy and tired and stressed that he really did need some down time... Now this is where the problem starts,, JJ figures that he is "too big" to take a nap, "naps are for babies,, and Nannies"... Those are his words...

One day I sucked him into lying with me on the sofa to watch a kids movie,, and he fell asleep.. But, he was so mad that he fell asleep that he never fell for that line from me again.. I know he forced himself to stay awake every day during Christmas break.
So from 2pm to 7pm its like walking on egg shells with him, so he doesn't get pissed off over some little trivial thing and then have a meltdown. He had 8 of those in 2wks.. and I can honestly tell you that I don't miss those episodes at all!!!!!!!! One fit was so bad that I had to resort back to "taking his toys" away from him for a day or two. I know that the experts say that, taking what he likes away from him will work...but it doesn't.. I think it takes alot of stanima on our part because its more punnishment for us than for him. 

When he looses his toys as punnishment for out of control behaviour, it then means that we are the subject of his attention. We are then the spotlight for his activities....We have to listen to him say "this is boring" a zillion times for one
It is worth it in the long run, it does teach him consequences I guess.. but oh man its rough!!!

I found that since he started school he realizes that he has to follow rules everywhere not just here. Before he use to tell me that "I was mean cause I had rules".... I haven't heard that much since he started school.
When we do finally get him to bed and settled down,(which is a big chore), if you ask him in the morning, how he slept,, he will tell you that he is "nocturnal" and doesn't sleep at nite...

I used to try to tell him that he does sleep, but he would argue that he didn't. I finally had to take a picture of him sleeping to prove to him that he slept at nite... he still argued with me,What a kid....

This morning I was so excited about him going back to school so things would go back to a somewhat normal routine and I could get something done around the house without him wanting all the attention... And guess what, he didn't wake up at 6am like he does every morning.. nope,,, I had to wake him up at 7:15 and then he didnt' want breakfast, he just wanted to go to school...
Of course he had to "shave", brush his teeth and comb his hair first....LOL I didn't account for the new "primping time", so we almost missed the bus! 

So I have time to do my housework, and some online stuff again before he comes home at 2pm. Yes life is good.... Well untill March Break anyways.....