Monday, February 23, 2009

snow, snow, go a way

See the snow level behind J's head in these shots !

Making path for Brandy.

Bird feeder to left and BBQ above...

J Cleaning snow infront of windows
these are over 5' high from ground.


I'm so tired of Its Thursday and its snowing again, and we are expecting about 30 cm of the cr*p..for those of you not totally familiar with centimeters..that's a sh*t pile of
If I walk out into the yard it would be almost to my crotch when this storm is done, well I'm predicting over waist high.

The roads were packed and totally snow covered by noon and of course the 4wdr idiots were out in full force passing on impassable roads. Of course J is thinking snow day for tomorrow and upset because the class was suppose to go skating.. He loves skating and doing quite well at it this year, no more skate bar to hang on to, no hovering along the boards like I

Last weekend a 31yr old RCMP officer and his two children ages 3&7 were killed when their car skidded on snow covered roads, into the path of an oncoming bus on the highway. It was heartbreaking to see pictures of how mangled the car was, and the first people on the scene said they will never get over what they saw. A family wiped out in the blink of an eye. I can't imagine the pain..

F wants to leave tomorrow for Quebec to visit his family for a week and B and D are going with him. I hate it when they travel that far in the winter... our roads are so horrible.. I hold my breath the whole 9 hours waiting for the call that they have arrived safe and sound. Maybe the snow will be done in the week they are up there...OK probably not!


B,F&D left around 2pm after a quick stop at N's work so he could bang out a bent rim and put some air in the tire for them. They arrived in Quebec around midnight,,I got B's "dingle" on the phone about then. I could finally go to sleep. School wasn't cancelled after all so J was a very happy little boy...he got to go skating with his school, and had a lot of fun trying to "race" his friends.


They are predicting more snow tonight and most of the day Monday, where we are going to put it I have no idea. The snow is so high it is to the bottom of the windows in the house now which is almost 5feet up from the ground... does that give you a mental picture of the amount of snow I'm talking about? Can you say, enough is enough...I can


Got up to pee around 2am since my methotrexate kicked in..I never get to sleep well on Sunday nites because of the medication I take. I tried to look out the bathroom window and couldn't see anything but white. I went back to the bedside table and got my glasses and made my way back to look out the window again. Still couldn't see anything, the reason was the snow had piled up so high it was over the window now! I went to the back door, turned on the outside light and gasped.. my car had disappeared in the storm. Winds are horrible and its a total white out to boot. I crawled back into bed prepared for a snow day.

Woke up again at 5am and this time I put my glasses on made my way to the back door and couldn't believe my eyes. The snow was up to the bottom of the windows on my car, that's waist high! I must of said "holly shit" louder than I thought because N comes out of the bedroom and peaks out the door too... he had the same We went back to bed and turned on the radio, they were warning about white out conditions, and impassable roads in town, snow plows being pulled off the roads and vehicles stuck all over the place. They were calling for lots of cancellations to be heard with the 6am news. We drifted back to sleep.

The alarm went off again at 6am and as predicted, the cancellation list was long.. suffice to say that the whole town was shut down, the malls, banks, all government offices and all stores including N's work. He was happy he didn't have to go out and snow blow and try to get up our unploughed hill to the highway. I think I can only remember 3 times in the 52 years I've been alive that everything was closed for the day or opening after 1pm. Needless to say, N & I just lazed around in bed until 8 when J woke up and started playing Lego.

Out the front window, the bird feeder was barely visible, all the side windows are blocked with snow. J ate breakfast and wanted to go out and play in the snow... oh to be a child again... He shoveled a path for Brandy to go out and pee, when N tried to let her out earlier, she took one step then looked back at N like "your kidding me right?"and ran back into the house without

J climbed up on top of the snow banks and as I opened the windows and pushed with a broom to knock some snow down, he took his shovel and dug them out a bit more. We can now see out them a little. Its not very cold, but the wind is very hard and blowing snow bad, N decided he better go out and start snow blowing before it got so deep the blower wont' go thru it. He's been out there an hour already and only has half the driveway done. We have gotten a lot of snow!

I don't know whats going to happen if we have another snow fall. The yard is full, we will have to start filling garbage bags and dump them into the river,,I know its out there

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sick and tired

Needless to say, when you have an autoimmune disease like Lupus, the last thing you want to do is come into contact with someone who has the flu or a cold for that matter. I know it may seem like I'm asking for a lot....but even the simple cold J gave me last week knocks the stuffing out of me.

It is frightening when he comes home from school with a sniffle. I start to dread what might lie ahead for me. Well the poor little guy came down with a doozie a week and a half a go and is just starting to mend now. He's lucky since he gets to take some antibiotics I don't have that luxury.

The first 5 days into this I was fine, I could concentrate on trying to make him feel comfortable and writing down what times he had what medicine and if he was able to eat anything. He was soooooo sick. Not talking, not wanting to play..and to know he was really sick..he wasn't talking! Anyone who knows J knows that is an almost impossible keep him
So I knew he was really sick! Sore throat, headache, stuffed up nose and fever,, he just wanted to between me giving him some ibuprofen to keep the fever at bay.

By day 9 it went into his ear,,that's when I called the Dr.s office, she was good enough to work me in that day. J came home with some (yummy banana) medicine and within a day the "ouch, ouch,ouch" every time he swallowed had subsided. On day 7, it happened...yep.. I got a sore throat, and I braced for the worse. My sinus became more solid than a can of dry wall left out to the air, I couldn't swallow without wincing. I dug out my nose spray, and a squirt bottle of throat spray, box of Kleenex (puffs plus)and settled in on the sofa keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be as bad as J's had been.

Of course the Dr. looked at my throat and listened to my chest to make sure it wasn't settling in my lungs..and then gave me that sympathetic look...and announced that there wasn't' much sense in trying to write me a prescription..given my history. I nodded in agreement...she was right. I would have to bide my time and ride this out.

This is the worse part of Lupus, even this cold set me into a flair..a mild one thank goodness, but just the same it was there. The joint pain, the red cheeks. It hurts to be sick. Not only do I have to suffer through the cold, I have to watch my body react to the antibodies invading it as it tries to fight it off...trying to figure out just which antibodies it should attack and saying "oh the heck with it" and just attacking everything in my body instead.

Some times I just think it would be better to go around with a face mask on all the time and try to catch these viruses before they make their way into my body,, just waiting to wreck havock.

J is feeling better, today is day 12 and he wanted me to play "star wars leggo" on his game cube. Of course being the good nannie I am,, I played for 3 hours...squirting my nose and sucking on a cough drop. Tomorrow I'll send him back to school and I can have a couple of hours to myself so I can try to recover.

Hope everyone is well ~Sue