Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TV Tuesday

I think Monday is the best day of the week for tv watching.  Why is it they have to cram all the good shows on one night?  I mean come on.. there are seven days to a week, can't they just spread them out a little? lol  Monday there is  the new (old) series "Hawaii Five-O", I use to watch this series when I was younger and it was good then, the new one isn't too bad either.  Then "House" is on and besides the fact that they always think it might be Lupus the person has,, to quote Dr. House.. "its never Lupus".. the show makes me laugh out loud, seriously! My favorite show by far since they took "Boston Legal" off the air.  Now there was a good, extremely funny, in your face show. I miss it.. there is nothing like a good laugh!

Starting at 8pm tonight we have "The Good Wife", this show is really well written, the story line is something that can happen to anyone.. I mean what man hasn't cheated on his wife right?  It does tend to focus on her perspective of the affair . It dabbles into the embarrassment etc, but she doesn't stick her head in the sand, she is driven to get her life together..with or without him.  I loved Julianna Margulies from way back when she played George Clooneys girlfriend on ER and she is doing a superb job on The Good Wife also.  I wish ER hadn't ended, it was my most favorite show, I still watch the re-runs..lol

At 9pm we watch NCIS, now N likes this show a lot, I like Mark Harmon, so I watch him..lol  The story lines aren't too bad, but its getting a bit predictable I can take it or leave it.

At 10pm there isn't too much on, tonight there is a new series starting called "Raising Hope", about a man who is trying to raise a child from a one night stand he had.  We will probably see what its like and I will weigh in on it later on once we watch it a few times.

At 11pm there is a new series that started a few weeks ago "Detroit 1-8-7" Its another cop show, and I'm not too sure if I like this show yet.. as they say the verdict is out..lol  If it doesn't pick up we will probably go back to watching "The Little Couple", its starting to get interesting as Jen is trying to get pregnant and now undergoing fertility injections and they are custom building a new home.

Wednesday is "Survivor" night, we both love reality tv shows so its a must watch on my list.  Then "Criminal Minds" which is a really good show, love the characters, story lines are good and it makes you try to figure out "who done it" so your not just a mindless mush watching it. After that its "The Defenders" which is another new series staring Jim Belushi  as a lawyer, so far its holding my attention and could prove to be a long running show.

So thats my run down on shows I like this season. I hope you all have a wonderful night!

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