Friday, October 22, 2010

Fed up Friday

We are into day two of no computer for JJ after school.  I can tell you that I am so fed up with the whining and complaining.. seriously.  Being consistent with a regular child is trying right?  Try it with a special needs child who doesn't understand the concept of "no means no"  As soon as he walked in the door from school, it was "can I go on the computer and just look at -you tube-?" Of course my answer was "no, no computer means no computer, not just no to the games you play on the computer".  He didn't understand that concept, and wanted to argue about it. Everything is exaggerated with him, and if I engage, it will turn to a big meltdown.  So again, I refuse to enter into a petty argument with a child,  I ignore him until he is willing to talk and not yell and listen instead of being so focused on his thought process.  Let me tell you, this is daunting.

He yells because he has no volume control. He talks loud, plays loud, yells even louder. lol
Being so ridged is in itself stressful on my end because he has no give what so ever.  If he thinks something should be done a certain way, by gawd it has to be done that way.  Right now he is in his bedroom yelling that its all my fault.  I'm hoping that he gets in a calmer place within the hour.  N and I are going out to a movie something that happens a couple times a year and we have JJ's cousins coming over to babysit.  If he doesn't calm down then he will ruin our chance of going out.  There is no way I can leave him with his cousins to handle.. I think he has figured that out and is doing this on purpose.  Anything to ruin a couple of hours out of the house without him. Its something that we rarely get to do, and even with giving him fair warning of what will be happening, some times it just isn't enough.  This is one of those times.

I was sooooo looking forward to going out, now my head hurts and I'm in a "fed up" mood, which makes me snappy.. Hopefully I can de-stress myself before we leave so the whole night isn't ruined.
Have a good weekend everyone!


Still Smiling said...

I hear you. My son has ADHD, and like your son, tonight he has me at my wits end.

It's very hard having a child with special needs.

I hope you get to enjoy your night out. :o)

redneon3 said...

Thanks Still Smiling, it can be trying can't it...