Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is it over yet?

What a weekend.. I'm so glad its over!  We didn't do any special and JJ was in royal aspie form.  Everything was wrong, he argued about everything, and had two meltdowns.  I got up Saturday and said,"oh too bad its raining outside", he said "its so not raining" , I asked him if he'd like me to make an english muffin/egg sandwich for him he said "I hate those"..its his favorite...  As I was writing up the grocery list,I asked him if he wanted anything special for school snacks this week he says "no everything tastes awful"... The trip to the grocery store was not good either because all he wanted to do was play on the computer.  UGH!  The whole weekend was like that, no matter what I said or did, he was just negative or said the opposite of what it was and tried to argue with me.

His new obsession is the computer.  He gets on the phone and he and his friend talk about the game they are playing on the disney web site.  I limit his time on there by setting an alarm and when it goes off he is suppose to shut it down.  I always tell him, you have an hour to play and when the alarm goes its time to get off the computer.  Weekends, he gets three hours total spread out over the day, and I think that is plenty for a kid, especially when he can become obsessed over things so easily.  He tries to bargain for longer time even, like he says "I'll make my bed", or "I'll brush my teeth" if I can have longer computer time.. of course this is stuff he is suppose to do without a

Yesterday was rough.  I ended up having to suspend his time on the computer for today because he didn't want to abide by the rule and made a big unnecessary fuss every time it was time to get off the computer.  Of course he wasn't happy about loosing computer time today, because his friend called first thing this morning and wanted him to go on the computer... I was the meanest Nannie in the world again!  He told me I must be trying to get in the guiness book of records... lol  yeah, funny

I'm still trying to figure out why he was more difficult than usual so the whole week isn't like this.  Hope you all have a good Monday!

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