Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a weekend

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving weekend.  Ours was busy, but good.  Friday JJ had a friend of his from his old school over for a few hours.  Saturday he had visitation with his Mom and Dad and yesterday he had a birthday party to go to for one of his new classmates.  They held it at the base gym on the rock climbing wall.  The kids had a ball, JJ got up about 4 maybe 5 feet, which was good for him.  We went shopping for an hour and then went back to the party and there was JJ sitting off all by himself..just watching everyone.  I pushed him to go interact and he did reluctantly, but he really does need to push his boundaries and try to get involved with what is going on around him.  All in all he had a good time and he got invited over to a friends house some time so that was good too.

He had a good weekend, only one meltdown and that was tonight over his homework.  I forgot to get him to do it this morning and he got all stressed out this evening because it wasn't done and he was going to "flunk school" because it wasn't done.  I finally got him calmed down and into bed with the plan to do it first thing in the morning.  I simply had so much to do today that I didn't think about his reading log he had to do and so it put unnecessary stress on him.  The good thing was he calmed down within an hour and just got his jammies on and went to bed.  It was such a busy weekend with so much activity that it was stressful but he handled it well until the home work came up and then it all came out.  Another learning experience for us both...

Today we had our turkey dinner.  We were a few people short this year.. B,F,little D and E of course are out in Manitoba and moved into their new house this weekend, missed them bunches.  V was busy with work and nursing assignments so the four from her family were missing, and brother D and T didn't come because of me being sick and not wanting to catch the bug. So there was N,JJ,me, S,C,Ja, Jo and cousin A sitting around the tables this year.  Food turned out good, we all pigged out and no one had room for any of the pies S made. I know her pumpkin looked really good, Mom would of loved it, pumpkin was her favorite.

After dinner and dishes we went outside and I took some pictures of the boys.. nice fall day for it for sure and they had a ball climbing the trees and jumping in the leaves.

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