Cast of Characters

So who is the cast of characters in my blog?  Here they are listed by initials only, for their privacy, and grouped together by who lives as a family unit together.

N- husband / Papa
Me- Nannie
JJ-  gr.son who has Aspergers
Mindy - my Morkie,lap dog
Dora- JJ's black cat
Bailey-our rescue Yorkie
S- my daughter (JJ's Mom)
C- JJ's Dad
Jor- gr.son JJ's brother
Jar- gr.son  JJ's brother
Jax- gr.son, JJ's baby brother
B- my youngest daughter
F- her husband
Little D-  gr.son
E-  gr.daughter
Big D - My  older brother
T- my sister in law
V- niece
J- her hubby
Br- their daughter
De- their daughter 
 they are twins.. :)

Also mentioned
Dr. Hi - is my family Dr.
Dr. He - is my rheumatologist

now all I need is a Dr. Ho and I could have a story like the 7 dwarfs.. hi he hi ho.. get  sorry couldn't resist.