Sunday, October 03, 2010

Doggy Buffet

Yesterday was a productive day even though I was feeling like crap. I got everything done on the list except meet up with S to drop off the present for JJ's father.  That is now on the list for Monday.  We even got the leaves raked up and bagged. N raked and JJ was the official "jumper". You can't have a huge pile of leaves and not jump in them now can you?  I was the bag holder which was right up my alley for the way I was feeling.  We ended up with 10 bags of leaves and that was just the front yard. The back yard is on a "to do" list for next weekend.

Not much sleep again last night and my theory that using the puffer all day would help, well that just didn't pan out. I didn't fall asleep until after 4 am, watching tv and coughing..I think the only reason I did finally fall asleep was out of pure exhaustion. My lungs now hurt right through my back, when I cough and unfortunately I am coughing every few minutes. Go figure! 
Today I worked away at a slow pace and got the laundry done. More progress was done with our on going home reno and N got one set of cupboards with new counter top installed in the kitchen. It looks really nice I can't wait to get the rest of the old set of cupboards ripped out and the new ones installed along the opposite wall too.

JJ had a decent day, his best friend from his old school called and the two of them talked on and off for most of the day.  Tonight will be a challenge because its bath and hair wash night. He hates water!  The only way I can get him to let me wash his hair, after much trial and error is to get him to lay across the kitchen counter with his head in the sink. He lays his head on one of those baby mesh slope things that you lay a baby on in the tub.. I have no idea what its called.  But it works and I can get it shampooed and rinsed without him getting to stressed out over the process.  

Bath time now that he is getting older is difficult because he won't let me in to make sure he actually uses soap and wash cloth.  He has reached the "I need privacy" stage. I have to take his word for it that he is scrubbing and getting clean and not just playing with his star wars lego men.  I know, your saying don't let him take toys in with him right?  That would be my ideal situation too.  But when your told to "pick your battles" I know what they mean, because its much better to have him at least in the tub with water than to have him not there at all.. so lego men it is.  I sometimes wish George Lucus invented shower heads instead of star wars anything.

Dinner was amusing... when we were done, one by one we put what was left on our plates down on the floor for Mindy.  So there it was, three plates lined up on the floor and Mindy going from plate to plate eating. JJ looks at it and says "Mindy has her own doggy buffet".  I cracked up. It really did look like that I guess from his Aspie point of view.  

Well I hope you all had a great weekend and for those of you who are going off to work tomorrow I hope you have a great Monday!

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