Monday, January 16, 2012

Use you head people!

Lately I have seen people writing about how they don't want to vaccinate their children. Facebook and blogs on the internet are spewing this garbage out there to the vulnerable, the easily swayed. 

To be honest this really makes my blood boil. These people are so misguided on what the role of the vaccines is, how they help keep us all safe and have bought into the "Hollywood hype" that vaccines cause ASD or what ever their child has been diagnosed with. They are written by people with NO health care backgrounds, they are not Nurses , Dr's or scientists and can only site blogs as their so called "information sources".  When confronted they are not even willing to allow a posted comment by a "pro-vaccine" person.  They are afraid their "following" will read another person's view and no long buy their misinformation as "fact". Their facts are nothing more than twisted facts with important information left out changing the whole context.  They prey on infusing fear into parents.

My thoughts and personal experience is this... 
The reason we are once again having outbreaks of measles, pertussis and whooping cough etc, is because people are NOT getting their children vaccinated like they should. Thus diseases that have been out of regular circulation for generations are making a come back and putting us all at risk. The diseases we are being protected from in the form of vaccines, are dangerous and kill when your not vaccinated. Here is some information on measles, which some think is not a dangerous disease but an inconvenient childhood illness. or

Our immune system is put into action by getting the vaccines.  They don't cure us from the disease, they boost our immune systems so our bodies build the immunity necessary to fight the disease. I do not go for the "Hollywood hype" that has been spread over the years that autism has anything to do with vaccinations.  Since I am guardian to a gr.son with ASD, I can personally tell you that he born with it.  The signs were there from infancy. Anyone who has a child diagnosed with ASD of any form/degree, and is willing to do some reputable research.. really look/take notice, and most of all be honest with themselves,, will tell you that the symptoms/signs of the disease were there long before the vaccines were given to him/her.  But it does take guts to admit that its a genetic disorder and not blame vaccines.

People want to be able to lay blame to "something" instead of looking at the fact that there are genetic components causing this.  Its easier for them to handle the diagnosis if they can blame "something", sue over "something" instead of knowing they have a genetic flaw, their parents carried that flaw, their gr.parents. Over many generations the flaw has become more pronounced.  Heck in our family alone, we have the Lupus gene, heart disease, diabetes, OCD, ADD... I could go on and on.  All these passed from generation to generation getting worse or mutating within each generation as we procreate with others that have "gawd knows what flaws" on their side.  

I saw a news show that did a study where 2 or more children in the same family had ASD. The first child had been immunized, the parents held off any vaccines for their subsequent children buying into the theory that the vaccines were the cause. The other "non vaccinated" children were also diagnosed ASD despite this. How does this not speak volumes to the validity of that theory?  Those that turn a blind eye to scientific proof do so because those parents do not want to admit their own genetic code, DNA is flawed and to blame. They simply can not handle the truth.

To be honest I am surprised that ASD didn't raise its head earlier in our family... but it did, and we deal with it.  I would never advocate for anyone to stop getting vaccines.  The diseases that mutate now and come in from other countries are far worse than anything we have seen to date and will only get worse as years go by.  

People who are buying into the notion that vaccines are causing their children harm are misinformed...but lets go with their theory for just one second. If vaccines cause ASD or anything else these zealots are spewing, would we not all have ASD, or being more least one out of every two people?  And this is just not the case.

We have all been vaccinated as children, billions of vaccines have been used since 1718,and they were responsible for stamping out typhoid,smallpox etc. They are keeping us safe and have kept us safe for almost 300 years.  The fast food and processed food that is set on the dinner table or at the drive thru's are a much bigger crime in my books than vaccines. Yet parents who have sworn off vaccines are willing to feed their children this garbage. Why?

People who do not get their children vaccinated are putting your children and my gr.children at rick.  Many of the diseases that the vaccines have helped control are showing back up because of people not using these valuable vaccines, how scary is that?

Do you know if the child sitting next to yours in daycare/school has been vaccinated? Are you willing to risk your child's health/well being, their life even, not to ask that question?

As a person with Lupus, if your child is not vaccinated and contracts measles for example and I happen to be in contact with your child or touched a surface he/she just cough all over..your child can kill me. Plain and simple. Something like that will send my compromised immune system into a tail spin. It will cause my own body to attack itself, causing my organs to shut down.  

Those who choose not to immunize are putting us all at high risk.  There are apparently some Dr.'s who are now asking patients who do not immunize to leave their practice, I for one don't blame them.  The Dr's code is first and foremost to "do no harm', if they condone these patients who don't immunize, then they are in fact doing harm,, to the general population as a whole. And I stand behind their decision to dismiss those patients 100%.

The scientific proof that vaccines/immunizations are helpful and safe outweigh the twisted information that is going around facebook and in personal blogs.  Please do your research and keep us all safe.


aLovelyFighter said...

i can understand where you're coming from urging people to get the vaccines. i guess some people think they're invincible and dont need the vaccine or something. :shrugs:

Dawn said...

Hey there, I enjoyed reading your post, and have a son that I strongly suspect has a mild form of Aspergers. He actually researched the subject himself and first brought it to my attention. He's 13 years old. While he does seem to have a very mild form of this disorder it certainly opened my eyes into understanding him a lot better and I had all of my children vaccinated. It will have to be a lot more credible source than those flakes in Hollyweird to convince me that immunizations are not a good idea. Great read, will return and as always because I am a blogger too, will leave a comment :)

redneon3 said...

Thanks for your comments aLovelyFighter and Dawn.

Anna Boyle said...

With who are having Aspergers or are the parents of children with Aspergers, always seems worried for the behavior society do with them, and this is really a matter of concern.
According to me people should starts using their heads now!!
Nice Reading.

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redneon3 said...