Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Fear is setting in

Dec 29/04 – I woke up to find all my fingers on my right hand stiff and unable to bend. The finger tips are very cold, almost dead like,,white and numb again like yesterday. Trying to hold the hair dryer is somehow foreign to my hand. Everything is taking twice as long to do as I try to manuever my fingers to act like they belong on my body.

My right knee is really sore and I find myself limping around work all day today. By 5 pm what ever this is has spread to my left hand, two fingers there are now getting stiff.

I'm trying not to draw attention to myself with my co-workers and boss. I just started this job 2 months ago after working for a company for 11 years, the last thing I need right now is them thinking that they made a mistake hiring me!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Something is happening to me

Dec 28/04- Something strange is happening to my body, enough so that I am starting to get frightened. I first noticed that my right thumb and first finger wouldn’t bend and I spent most of today rubbing it in some sort of effort to make it work. Writing is difficult and my fingers are white, cold and numb at times.

Late in the afternoon as I was doing some paperwork and sitting on a stool in front of the computer I noticed that my right knee was achy. When I had posted the last receipt and slid myself off the stool my left leg felt strong underneath me but my right one buckled under my weight and I had to hold myself up on the edge of the counter. An alarm bell went off in my head, but amidst the bussle of late customers coming in to pick up their chain saws, I put the thought aside as I limped around the shop.

That night at home, I found I couldn’t sit with my leg tucked up under me like I usually do. My knee wouldn’t bend the way I wanted and it was very painful. I sat watching TV but my mind was else where, I was worried. I had a fitfull sleep.