Friday, December 15, 2006

JJ's first xmas concert at school

Well what can I say, it was adorable, funny, cute...every adjective(those are adjectives right? lol) that you can think of. He was all dressed up in a white shirt with a stripped tie and black pants, picture it, 5 yrs old and looking so handsome. Now if that doesn't make you go awh..... I don't know what will ! He stood dead center and looked a bit nervous when the curtains opened and he saw a gym full of strangers looking at him.... Oh I remember that feeling, how about you?

I stuck my arm up and waved, he saw Papa and I and a big smile came on his face and the fear faded for a moment at least. The kids did a good job with their songs, the actions that went with them was amusing, and the curtain director cut off the show prematurely before JJ got to place the "pretend" present under the tree... I don't think you can fire a child curtain director can you? lol

All in all, it was a good time, he enjoyed himself and once he was convinced that he would look "handsome" and no one would laugh at him, he was fine with getting dressed up. I will end by telling you that when we arrived at school and he was in his classroom taking his coat off and putting his "indoor" shoes on, he spotted another classmate wearing a shirt and tie. He walked over to the boy and said "I have a tie too, like it?" The boy answered "yes". JJ then said," we are the only two looking handsome today", I just about cracked up. Kids, they say the darnedest things!

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