Thursday, December 28, 2006

How much turkey can one eat?

So tell me, just how much turkey can one eat? LOL As I already wrote, brother D took us out for xmas dinner...we thought he and I were going to get away with not having to cook a big turkey dinner this year at all...HA HA that didn't happen.
N's Mom came up from NS to spend xmas this year with her two boys (N and W). She stayed with W and had xmas dinner with them on xmas day. N invited her out to our place for boxing day dinner,,yep you guessed it, turkey and all the trimmings...LOL

We bought a turkey, not just any turkey... a 30lb turkey. I mean this sucker was huge, I didn't even think it was going to fit in the fridge without major shelf moving and adjusting. We got it home and I dug out the roaster pan,,,LOL it wasn't going to be cooked in that!!!LOLPMP The humongous bird's ass would barely fit..LOL

So N went to Wally mart, no roasters, stopped at Sobeys and bought two of those throw away tin ones....what was he thinking? LOL Then he thought about checking out Zellers and sure enough they had a nice large one there, bought and bagged and he brought it home. We struggle to get it back out of the fridge to check it for size,, and luckily, it fit like a dream.
Now you may be asking yourself, why would we buy a 30lb turkey for just four people...well, we had invited N two kids, my two, all the and the rest of the family, which would bring us up to 13 people. See the rational now?LOL

Problem was after having a nice green xmas, we were suppose to be lambasted with a boxing day storm...10-15 cm snow, freezing rain... just real shitty all around ya know..
So I am up at 8am making the famous "Parr" stuffing, doubling the recipe for this big turkey sitting in the I keep looking out the window in the kitchen hoping and praying that the storm would go that was going to happen....

At 10am the turkey, fully stuffed in every orifice I could find,, goes into the oven to cook for the next 6 hours. The snow starts around noon, the freezing rain starts around 1:30 and by 2 :30 calls started coming in from family canceling...LOL D called after getting back to town from taking T out to her mothers, and just didn't want to take a chance on the roads after dark. B called to say that F had to work from 3-7pm so they would miss it, S called to say that the kids didn't want to go down for a nap so they wouldn't be coming, N did a sigh of relief because he was going to go in and pick S, and the two and he really didn't want to travel on slick roads either...

N's Mom showed up at 3pm saying the roads were getting slippery. M called at 3:50 to say that J was sick but she was bringing her brother R and they weren't going to be here at 4pm.  S called back to say that she wanted to come, N didn't want to go out after her so I had to tell her I would save her that was going to be a problem with a 30 lb turkey..

So we ended up with 6 people, the meal was good... but suffice to say we have turkey left over... and a large ice cream container full of stuffing, another full of gravey. We have had turkey sandwiches, another full turkey dinner and today I made a huge pot of turkey soup, with the two cats twisting in and out around my legs as I cut up the dark meat into the pot. Yes, I did give the cats

I finially broke down and put the rest of the turkey in freezer bags. I love turkey sandwiches with some ranch dressing instead of mayo....but I think its run its course and decided that we just couldn't eat any more turkey for a day or so at least... am I starting to gobble?? 

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