Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How many sleeps till Christmas?

Ok, so that question is over with...lol anyone with a kid will know exactly what I mean. Christmas has come and gone for another year, it was a green xmas actually and I'm not sure I can even remember having no snow on the ground xmas day. But let me just say that for the record I love "Global Warming" LOLPMP
I hate snow, that phenomenon only comes with getting older I think, because as a child I couldn't wait to dawn my snow suit and get out side.... those days are only faint memories now...lol
Anyways, we had to go outside before bed time xmas eve and sprinkle some "reindeer dust" that Jacobs teacher had given him. The idea is that you sprinkle this magic dust in the yard so that the reindeer can see the glitter as they fly, and then then know where to stop. They eat the oats while Santa unloads the gifts.. Jacob was certain that "Rudolf" would eat the most.
After getting Jacob settled, Norm put together his "train" bank and we put out the gifts and called it a nite. I set my watch to go off at 6am, I wasn't excited or anything...lol I was so afraid Jacob would pick that morning to sleep in and we were going to be running on a tight schedule as it was. It went off and I quickly made a pot of coffee then went up to the living room and turned on the tree lights. With (new)video camera in hand I went in to wake up Jacob.
"Jacob, I heard the reindeer on the roof... I think Santa's been here", I said.
His head shot up off the pillow and his eyes sprung open, it was seconds and he was down his ladder and running out towards the xmas tree.
"Your right Nannie, he has been here", he exclaimed... excitement was building in his voice. "Awesome, Awesome", he shouted as he got closer... Santa brought my "Diego rescue center..LOOK, LOOK". (awesome is the new word lately) LOL
It was then rip and tear mode for the next while, the "awesomes", growing louder and more frequent..LOL He is so funny,,,
Papa and I opened ours, we got some really lovely things... as always, Santa and family was awfully good to us.
After a couple hours of playing, I managed to convince Jacob that he should stop playing long enough to eat and then we got ready and packed up the car to go to Stacie's place for yet another xmas present opening. Jaron and Jordan were excited and having a ball opening up their things and Jacob joined in... sometimes helping them rip and tear,, of course there was more choruses of "Awsome"...LOL
We let Jaron and Jordan have a nap and Papa, I and Jacob went home to play for a little bit and then get changed to go out to supper.
Uncle Doug decided to do something a bit different this year and he took the whole family out to dinner at the Delta. THANKS DOUG !!
I was shocked at the amount of people who came out to eat xmas dinner,,,I never imagined that there would be that many people not cooking at home.
We had a choice of a sit down Turkey dinner with all the trimmings or a buffet dinner. We all chose the buffet, and it was really good.. especially with the smuggled in olives(thanks to Doug)..we all had a laugh sneaking those around the table. Olives are a family tradition..
There was soup, turkey & gravy, stuffing,mashed potatoes, chicken Kiev, salmon, mixed veg, salads, king crab legs, shrimp, sushi, smoke Salmon and cheese cakes, puddings and jello it really was a spread !!
All in all the kids did pretty good at keeping the noise level down considering all the excitement that they had to deal with. And I didn't notice anyone in the restaurant giving us dirty looks,,,but then I had my back to the majority of them...LOL Jordan tried just about everything once, Jaron and Jacob did their usual picking but got a good fill too. I know Norm and I were stuffed, and it was a good thing there wasn't a couple of lazy-boy chairs handy or everyone would of heard us snoring! lol
After dinner we all waddled out to our vehicles and headed down to Doug and Trinda's for more gifts and laughs of course... that is evident by the picture of him with the "Orca" mask on and him modeling his new coat....LOL
We played a clip of "Ajax Liquor Store" on the CD player and really had a giggle. Vicki and the twins are all excited about going to Disney in Feb, they don't know it yet...but I'm buying a really big suitcase..(so I can go too) LOL
It was a great Christmas, with a really great family and loved ones..... Hope your xmas was just as special.
How many more sleeps is it till xmas?????? LOL

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