Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Change is good

Yesterday I got in a cleaning mood. Since that doesn't happen often any more, I decided I better dawn the rubber gloves and get down to it. I had all the counter appliances moved out and was scrubbing down the counter and back splash when JJ walked in.
"Are you changing things Nannie?" he asked.
"Well, no, not changing JJ, just cleaning" I replied.
"Change is good Nannie, can we change my room?" he asked with wide eyes. Since he usually hates anything being changed or moved even an inch in his room I was totally shocked by him asking this.
I didn't have the heart to tell him moving furniture around would be too much for me to do alone...
"Ok JJ, lets go see what we can change".

Up stairs we went, him gripping my finger, me gripping the railing and willing my knees to bend. I glanced around his bedroom as he told me what he wanted moved, his bunkbed/desk, dresser, toybox, rocker pretty much everything but his tv/stand. I smiled at him, noticed the excitement in his face and started to push on his bunkbed.
JJ helped grunt and groan with me..(Laugh)

Of course with each item that was moved, came some new dust bunnies and food crumbs, mostly chips with the odd fruit snack rapper. So besides the furniture changing,the room got a really good cleaning.

Taking time in between items to let my aches calm down, in total it took me(or us..laugh) about two hours to set the room up the way JJ thought it should look.

He climbed up on to his bunkbed to survey the new room set up and said.."yep Nannie,I was right, Change is Good!"

Out of the mouth of babe's.... Sometimes we may not always like what life has to offer, but JJ is right...change is good for us all. It all depends on how we look at it, with negative eyes or positive ones.

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