Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What makes him happy, makes me happy

I remember JJ's teacher making the comment, "he never seems happy".  I told her that was common for a child with ASD. After all I explained, they are restricted in their emotions to angry or sad and because their interests are also markedly restricted if they aren't doing something they love, you won't see them happy.

For people who aren't around children with ASD, they won't pick up the subtle changes in their reactions to different things. Like going grocery shopping is a horrible task to JJ, he will drag his feet all through the store and  thinks its a waste of time, although he knows we need to buy the food if we are going to eat in the coming week. lol  But if you tell him he has two hours on the computer he will race into his room and turn on the laptop before I can blink an eye.  That is JJ happy.  He loves his laptop, in fact the only time I have seen him happy enough to cry was the day we gave it to him. I will try to put the video on cause it really is touching.  His desktop computer had died the week before, and he was using my laptop in the video. He asked if he could save something, and I had said "no", he then says "how come" and I replied "because you will be able to save it on your own" and his Papa brings out the laptop from behind his back.  That was one happy child,  just for a few minutes..but it did my heart good to see that happiness flow down his cheeks.

When you deal with a child with ASD you need to take those moments and treasure them.  The only other time I get to see him smile and look happy is when we go to an indoor amusement center a couple hours away from our home town.  We have taken him every year for the past 4 years and he spends the day ridding the roller coaster and bumper cars. N and I sit on the bench and watch as he runs to get the back seat on the roller coaster before someone else does.  He loves going, and I am hoping next year we can take him to 6 flags in Montreal and let him see what a big amusement park is like.  I know it will blow his mind.

Take the small moments where you can find them, they are so few and far between, but worth it!

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