Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frustrated with school

Today didn't start off too well.  N drove JJ to school because it was pouring rain.  He walks into the school and the vice principle asks him where his glasses were.  JJ replied that he had forgotten them at home, to which the vice principle told him to go home and get them to save "Nannie a trip bringing them to school for you".

So off he goes drudging back home rings the door bell, waking me up since it was one of my "can't sleep nights".  When I open the door, there he is dripping wet.  Coat was soaked through, feet were squishing wet as well.  I was so pissed!!  What is the sense of giving him a drive to keep him dry to have the VP send him home?!  Maybe he was trying to get him to be more responsible to remember his glasses, or his book bag, or like last week his bike helmet. But this is a child who has a memory like a sieve when it comes to things like this.  Its part of his disability, if it was a fact about the world wars, or something else that has meaning to him..then he would remember. But Aspie kids are famous for not giving a rats behind about little things like glasses or book bags.  Now some of you would say "why didn't he have on a rain coat and rubber boots". Well for those of you who don't know, Aspie kids have texture issues with clothing.  JJ doesn't like the feel of the rubber rain coats and hates rubber boots with a passion..I have tried to get him to wear them, but they just get passed along to his younger brothers. Life with an Aspie is not that simple, its very complex.

Personally I think that the VP just doesn't get it.  I think it has gotten to the point now that he is just picking on JJ and I am really frustrated.  I got him to change his t-shirt, put another coat and sneakers on and I drove him back to school with a note to hand to the VP telling him NOT to send JJ home again in the pouring rain again if he forgets something because it doesn't "save me a trip".

I wish that all teachers, principles, VP included need to take a course on ASD kids,, it wouldn't take more than one day to run through some of the most common things that these kids have in common and how to handle the quirks they have. A couple of parents could put together some material for them to read, but you know what.. the majority of teachers hate parents telling them how to handle their child. I have run across this time and time again.  There just is not enough people caring about these kids and its frustrating the shit out of me lately!

So go the battle... two more months of school...

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