Thursday, September 30, 2010

And so it starts

It started yesterday, that tickle at the back of your throat.. the one that makes you cough every time you breath.  You know the one, it's so irritating that after a while you get a headache.. mind you its not a constant headache, its a pounding every time you cough.  I bet you've had a tickle cough like the one I have described.  Well I have it, coughed all night as a matter of fact and this morning I feel like someone has put a hot poker in my lungs.

I know what I'm in for.

JJ's been sick for the past 3 weeks, he got sick the third day of school actually and it hasn't let up since.  Can you imagine, only back to school 3 days and he gets sick.  Don't they disinfect the desks over the summer holidays?  Last school year he was sick constantly, seemed like he would just get over one cold or virus and bam he gets hit with another one. Of course he would spread it on to me, and since my immune system is already compromised I would get three times sicker than the average person.  I really hope that this year we aren't sick all school year again!

Now I'm going to go have a nice cup of Oolong tea and cuddle up in a blanket.

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