Monday, March 30, 2009


A lot of you have asked how Brandy is doing...and I thank you for that,,it means you care...

In a nut shell, she is back to normal.. I won't say 100% but she is being herself with still some slight balance problems. But you know what... I'll take that!

When I started force feeding her, I really think she knew in her heart I wasn't going to just give up and let her die. She started eating on her own.. of course now she won't touch dog food... I have continued to feed her the gr. beef and rice mixture the vet recommended, but when you work out the cost..its cheaper than the crappy canned food so why not make it up for her?

She still has some problem with her bowels and I am seriously suspecting that her eating cat poop from the liter box the week before she got sick has something to do with it. I have been doing a lot of reading about our handy dandy "scoopable" litter and how dangerous it is for dogs if they ingest it and cats if they lick their paws. Luckily my cats aren't lickers,,so they have never gotten sick from it. But Brandy seems to be straining a lot and her bowels don't seem to be working properly so I am going to take her to the vet again, with my suspicions and see if there is some sort of "doggie internal cleanzing" that she can take to get rid of the scoopable litter blob that is sitting in her lower intestine or bowel.

She is hating Jacob again, getting into gnarling, teeth bashing fights with Mindy, begging at the table, whining when we don't let her sleep with us, frisky and wanting to play tug of war with her old sock (for about 10 wagging her tail, barking at things she "thinks" she hears with her old deaf ears... yep, like I said she is almost back to normal... and best of all, the spark is back in her eyes... and really, at her age....what more could I ask for?

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