Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You really can't fix stupid

I have discovered that you really can't fix stupid.. when we moved in June, we disconnected our services at our old house,and had them all reconnected at the new house.. Bell Satellite called yesterday to ask what our address was."what address did you send the bill to I asked", "to McNeil Rd" he replied. Well thats why it was returned I said, we moved". "Where did you move to he asked", I laughed out loud.. "what address do you have for our service" I asked.. .He reads it off to me....."Well thats were we live!" I exclaimed "mail the bill to us there!". But you didn't call us and put in a "change of address" he says all serious like.. "Your kidding right? I asked.. "no he replied, you must call and change your address".. Idiots,,, To top it off, I actually had to call another number and talk to someone else because "he couldn't change the address" he was only calling to find out if we were still in NB. I so want his job! lol 

Worse part is, NB Power called today... yup you guessed it... they want to know where to mail our bill to!

At least the woman who called from NB Power changed the address while we were on the phone but she still didn't get my point that if we disconnected and then reconnected, the new reconnect should be where they mail the bill.... I am still shaking my head.. how do these people get these jobs?

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