Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where did 2 yrs go?

Not sure where two years I'm sure they happened, I just didn't remember about this blog... so I will have to try to fill you in on two years in one post.

Lets see, JJ is now 7. He has always been a handfull and was diagnosed with "Aspergers Syndrome", which in a way was a relief. I knew that he wasn't acting "normal" but didn't know what was wrong. Now that we know, he went thru some therapy, and it helped a lot. He no longer has his "melt downs" every maybe once or twice a month, and they are much lighter and shorter in duration. He is still afraid of change or anything new or different that comes up and throws off his routine. I started making lists of things for him "to do" and crossing them off the list each day seems to help keep him grounded. 

The strange thing about Aspergers is, because he is so intelligent, you forget that his brain is short wired somewhere and you just expect him to be able to not act out...follow direction, do simple tasks like brush his hair and teeth without supervision..but it doesnt' work out that way though. We both have learned a lot along the way dealing with this. And I fully expect we will hopefully be learning more on how to deal with this.

Health wise, I have had my ups and downs..but that is to be expected I guess. I gained weight with the prednisone and haven't been able to get it off. I am going thru menopause and my thyroid has slowed down to a crawl. I have had episodes where my heart feels like its pounding out of my chest, and then times when it feels like its skipping. Not good feelings mind you. But I take each day as it come. I have been into hospital a couple of times because of heart and breathing problems, but all the test show nothing to warrant the way I feel. It will last for a week or so and then it will pass. I guess thats a good thing, but wish they could tell me why.

B and F had a baby boy "Dylan" Sept 2007 and he is such a happy boy. She had a terrible pregnancy, ended up in the hospital a couple of time because of dehydration...puking her guts out almost 24/7 for months. She really lucked out with this child though, he is calm and a joy to be around. Of course you can ask me if I still feel that way once the terrible 2's
They are due to have another some time in July this year, I'm expecting it to be another boy.** Side note, they had a beautiful baby girl July 11/09 and named her Emily Elizabeth my first gr.daughter..yeah!**

N changed jobs in 2006 but the boss was a complete nut case and he went back to work where he previously was.. even though he says he's getting too old to turn wrenches so I guess he is starting to feel like 51 .

S and the other two J's moved out west from Sept to Dec 2008 and then came back here. JC started school and is doing ok. That just leaves JD to start this Sept and S won't have any kids home during the day. Hopefully she gets out and finds a job so she will feel better about herself..

So that catches ya how was that for the condensed version... now on with the new year 2009!

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