Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Today was an absolute waste of a day. I did nothing except look out the window every so often and curse at the snow falling. Early this morning it said we should get about 10 cm of the white crap...oops...stuff... now they say 20-25cm. Can they make up their minds so I can get depressed and get over

I don't like snow, loved it as a child..but then I guess what child doesn't enjoy getting bundled up, have to pee, get undressed and then redressed and go out side in cold snow and play until our noses feel like they are about to fall off. Its only as a person grows older that we don't like it so much and on occasions darn out right hate the stuff.

For me, it comes down to driving in it that's a nightmare. The older I get the more I fear it. My life seems to revolve around what I do and if I do it because its going to snow or not. I don't think it would be so bad if the roads were kept better, but that's something that's out of my control too. People drive like idiots when it snows, I think its called the 4wheel drive syndrome. Those with 4wdr think they are indestructible and can go any where, those of us without, well we know better and hate to see the 4wdr'er coming our speeds the slippery roads don't warrant, and talking or texting on their cel phones to boot. There should be a law!

This week has been excruciatingly cold. Now there is cold and then there is cold. Its been COLD. the other morning I got up and it was -40. Neither of our cars would start. It seems that its a really good idea to check to see if it has a block heater before you buy it...but who thinks of that when its summer? Well we didn't, and N is a mechanic for Pete's

So N called around and finally found someone out in our neck of the woods that could boost us, but not until 1pm, so he missed half a days work..and I couldn't drive J up to the bus stop and I'll be darned if I was going to walk up and stand in that cold! Wasn't going to J missed a day of school, which I was surprised that someone in their infinite wisdom at the school board thought it was a good idea to send the kids to school...

Poor Brandy, she is 15 now and going deaf and partially blind, she had to go out to pee but the cold was so bad she couldn't walk back to the house, N had to go out and pick her up and carry her back inside. She just sat on the mat and whimpered so I picked her up and held her on my lap in front of the heater for a few minutes..let her thaw out.

The rest of the week wasn't much better, it was -30, -35,-36.. enough is enough already.

N called around and he can get a block heater for his car,,,but for some reason they don't make one for mine. When foreign cars are being sold in Canada, shouldn't they take into account the fact that we have very cold weather? hmmm only makes sense to me..but then I'm I woman, and we think about things like

We were suppose to go skating this afternoon in Oromocto with B,D and F..but when the snow started early in the morning that put an end to those plans. Did you know that skating isn't like riding a do forget how to skate if you haven't done it for years. Like 20+ years...

J skates better than I

I spent last night cooking a big pot of chili and then a pot of clam chowder. They always taste better if they sit a day in the fridge and thought I could save some time by cooking both last night. The whole idea was to just go skating and then we could just reheat the chili and have a bowl and a roll for dinner. Turned out I could of cooked one of them today since I did nothing and still had some energy left.

Energy is a rare commodity. I usually drain out around 2pm and can fall asleep at the drop of the hat. If I get an hours sleep, then I'm good till about 10 or 11pm and then I'm asleep again. I use to know when I was going to fall asleep, you know...your head starts to bob a couple of time, and then next thing you know its Not any more. I can be scrolling through the tv guide on screen and next thing I know its morning and N tells me I did it again. He will be sitting there waiting for me to change screens and when it takes too long he looks over and I'm sleeping with the remote still pointed at the tv. Lately though he is snooring by 8pm and then wakes up at 3am turns the tv off and goes to bed...its not a contest to see who falls asleep faster, but it should

When they say that Lupus can cause extreme fatigue, they arn't kidding. Its serious. Its also anoying. When your used to being on the go all the time and then to have to stop and rest and have a nap because your mind won't function and your body won't comply with your commands...crips..makes you feel like an old old person way before your time. I still can't get use to that change in my life.

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