Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Am I feeling better yet?

March 15/05- I am still nauseous and basically just not feeling very well on this new medication. My bowel movements are still liquefied frequent and gold in colour. My urine is also a strange yellow colour and the odor has changed. I can’t find any information on if this is normal or not. I certainly don’t feel normal in any respect.

I really am trying not to complain to much about how I am feeling, there is nothing worse than a person whining all the time about their health. I am still taking the prednisone, and my face is changing shape. At first I thought it was just my foggy eyes looking at an unfamiliar face in the mirror. But its not, it really is me. Well the voice sounds like me. lol
I don't like the changes and even though I don't have any appetite I look bloated all over. I am gaining weight. Oh lord, just what I need!

March 22/05 – I looked up Methotrexate on the net today what a chore that was. Just trying to sit and type with these fingers that just don't want to move as fast as I want them to! I think I have been transformed into an 80 yr old woman in three short months. Anyway I found that Ibuprofen shouldn’t be taken at the same time as this drug. I am taking eight pills a day! Why would the Dr. not tell me this? Is this why I am feeling so bad since I started taking this drug?

I have decided to stop taking the Ibuprofen and just take the acetaminophen and see if that makes a difference after my dose of Methotrexate on Saturday. I don’t like the idea of not taking the Ibuprofen because I don’t find that acetaminophen cuts through the pain at all with me, but I don’t find I have any choice at this point. I have to find a way to take Methotrexate and be able to function during the day at the same time.

I have a life to lead, I have a 5yr old child to look after. Luckily he is old enough to be a little help to me... but I am the adult, I have to be the one to make sure his needs are being met, and that means I don't have time to be wallowing in my self pity! 

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