Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I smiled

I was looking for something and had to go through our infamous junk drawer.. and there it was.. I giggle now just writing about it.

A while back JJ got in trouble at school because he punched a girl, in the arm, not the face. She was in his face on the play ground, he told her to "back off", but she kept at him, he told her he was going to punch her. She told him he couldn't.

Asperger children don't like people being in their space .  To a child with Aspergers, if you say to them, "you can't punch me" to them, they hear you don't think they are strong enough to punch, that you don't think they are capable of do so.. not the reason "you can't punch me because I'm a girl"  The logic of an Aspergers child.

So here are the 4 apologies I found in the drawer, you can see that as I continue to try to explain true logic and right/wrong to him after each apology he writes, they get different in tone and sincerity.

Dear_____ I am really sorry that I punched you. I punched you because you doubted me so that made me angry and then I punched you. But my grand parents had a talk to me and they say I will never do it again.

Dear______ I am super sorry that I punched you and I promise that what my grand parents have told me is it will never happen again.

Dear______I am deeply sorry that I punched you, but I told you not to make me angry. It has been dealt with at home so I can assure you that it won't ever happen again.

Dear _____I am deeply sorry that I didn't control my temper and I punched you. My grand parents had a really really really long talk with me and I now understand what you meant when you said "I couldn't punch you". I can't punch you, or anyone because its called assault and is illegal and not nice to do. I can assure you, that since doing something wrong like this means I loose my computer and tv, I won't be punching anyone ever, ever again.

I hope this brought a smile to your face today as well.. if you have a child with Aspergers..I'm sure it did because you can soooo relate.

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